Kim Gravell

Bio: For as long as I can remember I have created stories in my head although only recently have I taken to writing them down and sharing them with others. My first published success was my short story, The Gift, which won first prize in Writing Magazine’s Dialogue short story competition. More recently I have published two novels: The Demon’s Call and its sequel, Child of the Covenant – books one and two in the Dark Places sequence of novels. They are based on a story I began to weave many years ago. Once I had created them the characters haunted me, refusing to retreat back into my subconscious, so I carried them around looking for a landscape where the events I imagined could logically take place. It was when my husband and I started coming regularly to mid-Wales, spending our weekends and holidays working on the conversion of the old Wesleyan chapel that is now our home that my story also found a place to take root. Settling into the mythology and superstitions surrounding the old lead mines that riddle the local area the story blossomed, growing into two novels with the seeds of one other (at least) already planted. The Demon’s Call was published in May 2014. Child of the Covenant followed in March 2015. My writing style has been described variously as dark, gripping, descriptive and eloquent. Reviewers have commended my use of language and the way I balance description and action, giving enough detail to bring settings alive without getting in the way of the plot. You will have to decide for yourself whether you think these views are accurate. Most of my work contains a strong paranormal or fantasy element, often woven into contemporary settings. The short story I’ve mentioned above is a rare exception with such things only hinted at. But don’t let the paranormal / fantasy tag lead you to expect teenagers swooning over vampires and werewolves. My characters’ encounters with the paranormal are rarely romantic. I have always loved reading and, of the many authors I enjoy, my favourite has to be Barbara Hambly. The way she engages all the senses in her descriptions and the strength of her characterisation never cease to delight me. I particularly like the way her female characters are in no way constrained by their gender. I have tried to find a similar balance with my own creations. André Norton, Tolkien, Ursula LeGuin… fantasy and science fiction authors were devoured as fast as I discovered them on the library shelves. I love Kipling for his language and the rhythm of his words. Ted Hughes is another favourite poet and - living in Wales - how could I not include the works of R.S.Thomas? First encountered in my school days the lines I learned for my English “O” Level are still fresh in my mind many, many years on. All these and more have inspired me and have no doubt influenced my writing style. If I am considered to have achieved even a small measure of their eloquence I will be delighted. So what of me, the person? As I have mentioned, I live in Wales with my husband. I hold a Third Dan in Shotokan karate and a BSc Honours degree in Zoology. Amongst other things I am a master Reiki healer, a Spiritualist, a practicing yogini and a marketing manager for a major IT company. I love travelling, people watching and animals of all shapes and sizes and can no more imagine spending a day without reading than I can a day without breathing.

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